Networking reliable is not reliable


Im using this simple function in multiplayer but client not reacts everytime… I used print string for sure if i dont have broken spacebar key but not.
For example i tried to jump 10x but client pawn jumped only 7x… then it working for some time and then again not…

Im using run on server and reliable replication but that reliable isn’t reliable!

Could someone help me how to solve this?

(on server i dont have these problems, + im sure that “is falling” was false)

I also made a video… At the end of this function i added “print string JUMPING” node… check it:
Print string is executed everytime, but launch character is not at times: 0:11, 0:16, 0:18, 0:19, 0:22 which means 5 out of 14 times character was not launched…
Where could be problem ?

Why are you setting a variable and adding a delay? Why not have it just calculate and make a vector and go straight into the launch?

Yep i repaired it :slight_smile: forgot about making vectors… it seems now its working so i hope it will

Where is my thumbs up reply vbbs???! :wink: