[Networking] Question about Steamworks and IPv6

Hey Guys,

what i want to know is, does someone have experience with Steamworks Networking and if it supports IPv6?

In our project we currently use the OnlineSubsystemNull, cause for “testing” it works out great. But in the future we’re planning to use Steamworks and (obviously) there Networking implementation.

I don’t know how it is in other countrys (i’m from Germany) but my ISP doesn’t provide a unique IPv4 address (they are sharing them), only a unique IPv6. Because of that there is no Port Forwarding and we don’t really want to release a dedicated server for our game (only listen server).

So my question as i stated above, do you know if Steamworks supports IPv6? (couldn’t find an answer on the web)

Thanks in advance,


I too am very interesting in this, sadly I can’t provide input, but I’d love to know if steamworks supports IPv6. I live in Ireland with an IPv6 provider.

I discovered earlier today the problem with my ISP. They use DS-lite to convert IPv4 packets to IPv6 and send them across my public IPv6 address, the result being, I have no public IPv4. So I can’t port forward or host servers. I’ve contacted my ISP to see what they can do, but it would also be great if Steamworks, and UE4 supported IPv6 so this wouldn’t be a problem.