Networking project - plausible? Advice needed

Dear all,
I plan to make a project where I have a downloadable app (made in the game engine) for the end users, they can rock in first person and put place objects or move them around.
Then I have a database on a server with a website where providers can upload these objects the end user places around. They can upload meshes and materials after login.

I wish to do this for a practice project, will have roughly a year for it (alongside university).

Do you think it is possible to do this? Or is the time I mentioned enough?
The big deal would be the database and the desktop app’s communicating with the server and fetching the assets.
Also, the storing meshes and mats in databases and the runtime importing of or them via network is the something. Is that possible? AFAIK DataSmith is just the tool for that.
Thanks in advance.