Networking Problems.

I’m not sure what i have done. I have the default TPP character and the animation blueprint. and im trying to get some multiplay stuff working. But for some reason today i noticed that the clients character animations do not work. What i mean is, If i alt tab over the the client i can see the character with the animations working that is playable in the editor viewport. But if i switch over to the server character which is in the view port. The clicents animations are not working. He is stuck in the Idle animation and when he walks he just slides around the ground. Also i have made the character able to shoot a projectile it shows up on the client when the server shoots it but does not show up on the server when the client does. Are these two issues related somehow is this just a bug.?

Does anyone know how to fix this? Let me try to sum it up . When playing in two clients the server plays the Hero_TPP animations and the client can see them. But if you go to the client. it does not play any animations from Hero_TPP it just stays in a frozen idle. And you can see that frozen idle on all the other clients. While the server is playing animations just fine.These are not any complicated animation they are the default ones. Jump,walk,run That comes with the default Hero_TPP character.