Networking - Client Can't Move Character

I posted this question on the Answer Hub a few days ago but didn’t get any helpful responses here:…character.html.

I have built a multiplayer setup based off the Network Multiplayer in Blueprints tutorial put out by Epic, available on the docs and YouTube. I am currently using a listen server setup and the Steam Online Subsystem. I have been testing it with another member of my team, who is on a different internet network. We can both successfully host a lobby, as well as find and join each other’s lobbies from the menu. Once the lobby is launched we are both brought from the lobby level to the game level using Server Travel. Here is where the problem comes in: Once both players have loaded in, the host can move around freely and interact as intended. However, the Client player cannot move around using WASD, look around, or fire using mouse input. The host can see the client move and fire, but cannot interact with the host in any way, nor can the host interact with the client, but the collision works, so the host cannot walk through the client. The only part of the Client that works is pressing T to chat, and sending chat messages. All character blueprints are set to replicate, as well as character movement components. I have attached an image of my game mode setup for spawning in the players. Currently for testing purposes and simplicity I have the spawn system set to pick randomly between 2 spawn points. I have attached the script in the Player Controller BP where the Respawn Player event gets called, in case the problem lies within that code. I’ve run out of ideas, so any help you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you