Networking character movement is choppy in packaged game?

Hi all,

Posted here a while ago about an RPG I am making. In editor, I can spin up a listen server and multiple clients without much worry and the game is responsive for all involved. My characters are derived from the default character class and make use of the movement component, and replication for movement is set to true.

In editor, this is fine. But when packaged, the performance is dreadful. If I launch multiple instances of the game and establish a listen server and connect to it with the other instance, then the clients movement is incredibly unresponsive and jittery. I might understand if this was across the Internet, but they are on the same machine.

Is the server speed different when packaged? Should I ignore the movement component entirely and derive my own replicated movement logic?

Any help greatly appreciated

This may be relevant:

Same for me, game run well but after package client lag.

I have mostly lag with client