networking + boxTrigger

So I have a boxTrigger, and it triggers both on the nonded.server and client regardless of who triggers it. Is there an easy way to determine who triggered it? i.e.The actor controlled by the client or the actor controller by the server.

Is there a way to uniquely identify an actor and their networkAuthority?

I’ve tried using getOwner, and hasAuthority, and even combined the two but with unsatisfactory results

Hey there, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

SwitchHasAuthority, IsServer, and IsDedicatedServer are the relative functions.

I guess you need to elaborate on what you mean by “unsatisfactory results” :stuck_out_tongue: so we can help.

Drag off from the actor and do a castTo and get the actual player who triggered it.

Have the function called by the trigger have an input of a reference to your character … when you trigger that … put that reference in the function using the BeginActorOverlap (or whatever you are using).

I hope this is clear enough. 8-}

You’ll probably want to use Switch has Authority on the trigger so that it only executes on the server and data can be replicated to the clients