Networking after Packaging


I’m new to unreal engine 4 and I wanted to experiment the Blueprint System.

I had follow the “Blueprint” tutorial playlist on the UnrealEngine channel, and at the end of the playlist, i wanted to make a simple multiplayer test : try to connect two client in the same game (like the networking tutorial video on youtube).
Indeed, when i edit my game in the unreal engine editor, it’s pretty easy, just click on start option and ask to start 2 client, and these clients will be automatically in the same game. But obviously if i make a windows package and run two time the .exe file it doesn’t work anymore.

And I can understand that because we need to give an Ip address of one client to another, and this is the main question of my Post, how to do it ? How can i setup a network when the game is packaged ? How give ip address of the server to a client ?

I read a lot of time :

I tried that a lot of time but it doesn’t work.

I’m looking for any solution, i mean “a debug solution” (like the console command during the game) or / and “a release solution” (like a method with blueprint :slight_smile: or cpp :frowning: to set Ipadress that i can in the future ask to user in a menu for example).

I hope somebody will be able to answer me :slight_smile:

Bye !

Ensure you are portforwarded as well, but that’s essentially all that should need to happen for basic networking. You can also create a shortcut for the game client, and append -log -server to the end, and a dedicated server window should pop up, show you when someone attempts to connect, and if they’re unable, give some helpful info as to why the connection was unsuccessful.