Networked custom character rotation

Hi everyone, I’m trying to setup my custom character networked movement and rotation based on mouse input (raycast to world, top-down view of the game). I managed to create my custom movement component for my character and override several things and I managed to get my server and clients to change movement speed if I hold my mouse down.

Now, I want to make my character rotate towards the mouse. It works locally, and the client sees it properly from the server, but the client’s rotation does not replicate on the server. I tried overriding the player controller (specifically, I enabled the “use controller desired rotation” bool and disabled the “orient rotation to movement” bool in my movement component when the mouse is pressed and I then tried overriding the “GetDesiredRotation” function in my custom PlayerController class, but I got the same result (replicates to client, but client doesn’t replicate properly to server)). I also tried using events, but it didn’t work well either and I don’t think it’s a good solution for something that happens in the Tick function.

Does someone know a proper, scalable way to implement this functionality in a networked game?