Network performance in crossplay between PS4 and PC with a dedicated server

I’m experiencing a significant lag in network performance in a simple crossplay between PS4 and PC.
I’m using UE 4.9.0 built from source with PS4 support.
I’ve created a standard third-person example project and built the following targets without modifying the code or settings:

  • Dedicated server for Linux running on Google Cloud
  • Clients for PC/Windows and PS4

I’ve looked at a simple scenario of two players connected to the server from PC and PS4 clients and observed that the PC player is running smoothly (no visible lags) but the PS4 one is jerky and often gets teleported while running. It’s clearly very slow.
Also on the server I can see lots of warnings:

LogNetTraffic:Warning: High single frame packet loss: <number>

So my questions are:

  • How to measure network performance runtime ?
  • What’s best practice to profile and locate network bottlenecks between clients and dedicated servers ?
  • What tuning parameters are available to improve the performance ?



That sounds more like an issue with the hosting method instead of the actual connection between PS4 and PC, or even between the PS4 and the online host. We’ve done a fair bit of Android > PC cross-platform networking through LAN with up to 30 tablets at a time connected to one PC session and it’s been relatively stable, my first port of call would be to look at that.

There’s a tool called the Network Profiler which can help you to narrow down bandwidth issues in your actual game. You can enter the console command netprofile to start profiling, then enter it again (in the same session) to stop tracking and create the nprof logs (EngineDir>Binaries>ThirdParty>DotNet>NetworkProfiler).

You can also test your code with simulated latency and packet loss in editor too: