Network LineTrace not showing correctly? Why?

This is a local multiplayer game running through the editor. Left screen is the server, right is the client. Server shot towards the ground, and client shows the line traces in a horizontal line.


If the PlayerFire event is Run On Server (with the Switch set to Authority only), client line traces are calculated as horizontal lines by the server (i.e. client can be standing in front of a player and fire at the ground, and server detects the trace as hitting player horizontally in front of client). If the event is Multicast (with Switch set to Authority and Remote), line traces work perfectly for both client and server… but Multicast doesn’t seem like the right replication solution here. And it still doesn’t explain why other client traces would show as horizontal?

If I disable debug lines on the Line Trace I would never see the issue, but I’d like to get to the bottom of this. Does anyone have advice about this?


I wasn’t picking up the correct player for the line trace. Switched the PlayerFire event back to Run On Server, fixed the blueprint, everything works fine. Damage even registers in the HUD, which is very nice.