Network: issue on player controlled Pawn


I set up a very basic game with the following BP assets:

TEST_GameMode_Multi: default setting except for Pawn class set to TEST_Pawn_Multi and player controller set to TEST_PC_Multi.
TEST_Pawn_Multi: just a camera and a sphere mesh.
TEST_PC_Multi: handles the inputs and make the pawn moving.

Everything works fine but when launching the game with more than one player, only the server player is actually able to move and I get this error message: "Error Accessed None ‘ControlledPawn’ from node Set ControlledPawn in blueprint TEST_PC_Multi"

I guess the client PC is not able to get his Pawn at the beginning of the game, because the debug Blueprint flow shows that the client PC is getting the inputs. The pawn simply seems not receiving requests from the PC.

Any idea about what am I doing wrong?

Here the PC blueprint: