Network 2nd client possess a object cant move but first one can - T-Shirt to first one to fix it...

We are having a huge issue and cannot figure out why or how to fix. We started a blank project and reproduced the issue and it can be found here: What happens in a network game when client 1 possesses a different actor everything is fine, but when player 2 possesses the same object it is unable to move. More on the issue can be found here:

First person to find a fix, contact us at and help us implement the fix, we will give them a TECTUMA T-Shirt (Sorry we wish we could give more but that is all we can afford)…

Twitch: Twitch

you should report this especially if you can reproduce it ->

also, not sure if it’s related but have seen others having similar issues (using a marketplace project):
(at bottom of page)

catch ya’ll sometimes on Twitch - keep up the great work! :wink:

Thats known issue already registered in UE bug reports (2nd client can’t move)

Would you have a link to this? It is kind of a show stopper for us, consigning we are building a space game and if only the first person that logs in to the server is the only one that can fly a ship is going to make the game kind of boring. LOL

We are going to try to work around it for now unless someone can come up with a fix.

its very strange bug… after some time your 2nd client can move… but its so unreliable