Needing things explained.

Hey guys, I’m new here, nice to meet you all! I am very happy to be apart of the unreal community, even though I am a simple beginner.

So, to begin, I am a pretty quick learner, in that I am good at teaching myself things and thinking through things logically. On the downside however, I am also a bit slow in regards to understanding why something works, and I usually need allot of help with that part. I have started messing around in Blueprints, and while I am learning at a proper pace( I learned how to run over an object, have it explode, and make my character faster. Something that I understand and recreate not from memorization, but simply understanding how and why it works), I also feel like my inability to simply understand things at face value and needing certain things ( specifically, why does this math make sense and why do we need to use this formula (never been good at math at all)) explained in extreme detail to me as if I was inept will be a big detractor for my learning experience and, what I hopefully can turn into a career, game development progress.

As I lack the funds, I am currently unable to go to college to learn these things, and was wondering, if there is a good place to come to ask questions frequently or even if there was someone I could speak to on a regular that would be willing to explain why certain things work in a very dumbed-down manner. Or maybe a good site I can go to, in order to read up more on certain aspects of Blueprint, as what Epic provides for descriptions usually serve to confuse me more as I am not familiar with allot of the terms they throw around (it’s as if they expect you to come at this with knowledge of programming and programming terminology already in hand when this is suppose to assist those who can’t program?).

Anyways, sorry if that ran on for a little to long. Thank you to any help any of you can provide!

You can always ask your questions here in the forum -> we are always here to answer your question :slight_smile:

Also take a look at the official youtube tutorials + the documentation:

My advice is to check out the “Getting Started” “stickies” at the beginning of all the Development Discussion threads. There you will find, in addition to links to documentation, links to videos, wiki tutorials, blog posts, twitch streams etc. if available for that topic. Plus we are trying to keep those stickies as up to date and user friendly as possible.

… that of course is in addition to, as fighter5347 pointed out, a great community in the forums that are always willing to answer your questions if they can. :slight_smile:

Thanks guy! Glad to know :slight_smile: And I truly appreciate the responses! ^^

Totally forgot to mention that you can also add me in skype -> nasph96 :slight_smile:

Guys don’t forget the answerhub!

…there are actually a ton of channels where you can get help. Quite a few have their skype linked for their account (when the skype icon is below the post count here in the forum) and you can add most of them to simply ask questions and certainly no one will get mad if you add them even if they didn’t link it to support others.

The answerhub even though it sometimes has a rather large response time gets most questions answered. There are two or three IRC channels where quite a few people are always online. There is a hangout ofc the forums. You won’t have issues finding a place to ask and hopefully no issue in receiving some help either :slight_smile:

all that ^^^ is true, but …

look around & make sure no one is watching then…

Start! yep, it’s that simple. watch a video or find a subject in the docs, or find something you want to do and/or try out and just Start! don’t be scared to use the engine or the editor, jump right in and see what works and what breaks, you will learn a lot more this way and faster. you did make sure no one is watching right? and make sure you know how to use ctrl alt del and the task manager to shut it down if it locks up, lol.

gl & enjoy