Need to create a Dynamic Material from a Folder of Images

I’m just learning Blueprints so I follow a lot of tutorials. I’ve found one that allows me to make a Dynamic Material and swap a photo on a plane with a keystroke during runtime. It works well. It uses two images and swaps between them with a key push.

What I need to do now, is have this work for a folder of images that might have 100 images in it.

Given what I show in the attachment, how would I go about creating an Array that switches images using the photos in the folder, one at a time, sequentially. I can’t figure out how to connect it and what other nodes I might need.

Assuming here that you’ve imported them to the engine. You can actually drag and drop them into an array:…5911974fa0.mp4

If you look at my entry here, one of the images at the bottom shows how to cycle through Colours array. You can hook up the top bit of the script with the ++ node to the whatever is supposed to grab next image from the array.…ed-distan.html

By itself or with user input?

Do tell if you need more details.

@Everynone, thank you. This is very helpful.

Thanks for the post - I was looking for a way to programmatically loop through a folder of 7000 images, add them one at a time, render out a mov for each image (using the image name as the movie name)
All without user input.
Do you work freelance? We could really do with the help! Easy in Blender but it’ll take weeks to render