Need to Click after Intro Video?

So I noticed today that when using an intro video (through project settings) that if you check the “Wait for Movies to Complete” checkbox that the game doesn’t load automatically when the videos finish. You just get a black window that just sits there. You end up having to click in the black window and then the game will begin.
I’ve tested this now in two projects (editor 4.9.1) with the same results. This does not happen when “wait for movies to complete” is unchecked, but then the movies get interrupted when the level is loaded. Is it intended behavior for the game to not start automatically or is this a bug?
Is there a node I can drop in my level blueprint to start the game when the videos are done, or any way to have more control over this? If other people can confirm the same behavior I’ll put this over on the answer hub. It seems like a bug to me, but I might just be missing something here.