Need teleport to stay on floor

Ok so this is driving me crazy. With the below teleport system I am using right now it can be pointed at a wall and the teleport trace will go up the wall. Because of this the player is able to wedge in between the wall and teleport upwards which breaks the game. Basically if I can figure out a way to keep the teleport on the floor only then it should solve this problem. Surely there must be at least one person that would know what nodes to add to the below BP. The crazy thing is I’m sure the answer is simple and would require less than a few mins work yet I am at this non stop for the last 17 hours. Please please please can someone help me.



(I have kinda glossed over the BP’s you have posted, BTW a higher quality jpeg would help with readabality)
I would suggest doing a second trace down just before where the first trace intersected with the world.
That should then give you the location at ground level for you to teleport to.