Need Team Blueprint Help.

So i’m trying to make a blueprint where you pick and team and you are spawned in that teams area, But i’m having some trouble.

I have 2 player starts with tags for each color team. The Blueprint finds the tags and spawns a character+color for that team. I’m trying to spawn one player on each side with a color for their correct team. For some reason a random amount of characters are spawning on 1 player start and with any color from the two teams. Also i’m not sure how to possess a character when you play and it picks a team for you. Can anyone help me with this?

How im setting Team id

Setting the teams Blueprint


Does anyone know how i can fix this?

Take a look at my example project. Might help

Thanks ill check it out. Does anyone have any ideas what ive done wrong with my setup just so i know for the future?