Need suggestions on modeling process?

I am having some trouble with a modeling project in Maya. I am trying to model a Jaguar (animal). I plan on using the model in an animated sequence I want to put together in CryEngine. I collected my reference images which included pictures that depict the cats anatomy (muscle structure) and lots of real life references from the side view, the front view, the back and some 3/4 views. I also have some references that show the cats anatomy in different positions. Ultimatly my workflow is going to be to “block out” the form of the cat in Maya, and then finish detailing the model in Zbrush. However for the life of me, I can’t quite figure out the best way to model the head. I either end up using too little subdivisions and I don’t get the shape right, or I use too many and the model is hard to work with after. Either way, I can’t quite get the shape down. Any suggestions on how to this? Should I just use Zbrush to make the head or finish modeling the head in Maya?