Need some help with sprite rendering anomalies

Hi guys, could really do with some help with a 2d game I’ve got to make for university. Im really not a 2d artist and running into a few problems, The main one is that the sprites I’m using for the game keep overlapping each other even though they are not in front of each other. I’ve tried moving the sprites forwards and backwards but they still have the same visual problems. Please check out the attached video and any help would be great thanks

Hey Blackscroll, I’m new to the Unreal engine and ran into the same problem, I’m not sure I’ve entirely worked it out but I think ‘Translucency sort priority’ might help you here. You should find it in the details panel for whatever sprite it is you’re trying to set. Set it to a high number to appear in front, a low number for behind. I’m not certain that will solve it… something solved it for me, I think it was that, but I was messing around experimenting…

Thank you so much for that, it worked perfectly. spent ages looking that haha