Need some help answering some questions

Hello people!
I got some questions that i hope you guys whould like to help me with.
these question might be stupid but hope i can some help with the answers anyways :slight_smile:

  1. I heard that autodesk mayas content is available for unreal subscribers, if so then where can i download it?

  2. atm i’m trying to make a game to be published and i got no one to make models, so i wondered what the rules are for downloading models, which can i use and which can’t i?
    2.1. am i allowed to use the models that Unreal Engine provides in my game?
    2.2. are free models allowed to be used in a game or are they not?

  3. my plan was to publish the game in kickstarter, tho just out of curiosity, does Unreal get part some percentage of the money there been donating?

Hope people can help me and my questions isen’t to stupid :).

Best Regards!

  1. what exactly do you mean with content? (meshes, skeletal meshes,…?) -> you get a animation tool fro maya
  2. you can use all models from epic games (demos) for your projects
    2.2 you have to take a look at the licence of the model
  3. https://answers.unrealengine/questions/17415/royalites-question-kickstarter.html :slight_smile:

Here you can download meshes:

i actually have no idea why i wrote content, i just meant autodesk maya, if it’s free to get when i’m a subscriber for unreal? :slight_smile:

so what kind of licences does the free models need, the “extended licence”?

and i read the link with the kickstarter, but my english isen’t my strongest language, so i’m not quit sure what they meant, so far i understood did’t i have to give percentage if i get funded but only if i earn money from the game it self.

You dont get maya for free when you subscribe :wink:
Licences vary a little bit e.g for the mesh on the picture you just have to give credits to the author

As far as I understand, just when you give access to your game when people give you money. So when you give them posters, T-shirts,… you dont have to pay something.