Need some guidence with level streaming

There does not seem to be any official documentation on level streaming yet and the content example level does not offer enough information as to how it works.
I have a fairly large level that is run mostly on dynamic lighting, due to this the FPS is starting to drop quite a bit. Is level streaming something that i could benefit from?. My main problem is that i don’t want to break it up into separate levels, ideally i just want to stream certain parts of this one level. Is this a possibility or do i need to have separate levels to stream?.

For instance, lets say my building has 5 large rooms, could i not just add a level streaming volume for each room and have it stream in and out as needed?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok so i have had a little fiddle with what i can find in the editor, i have found the “levels” window and have kind of figured out how it all works, i have decided at the moment to keep my main building itself and the outside courtyard as the persistent level and i will delete all of my assets and later add them to their own level that i can stream them in and out ect. If anyone still has any better solutions i will check back frequently.