Need some advices for Multiplayer game

Hello again! I want do my game local multiplayer AND network. But I dunno what to do first. The idea is make the game for 1-3 players, (They can choose Keyboard+Mouse or Gamepad, but this is secondary for now I guess).

But I have a problem. There are alot things to do:

  • Hud to select how many characters will play
  • Hud to enter IP to connect
  • Replication system
  • More things?

I really dunno what thing should be the first step, and that is the question: Which order should I investigate in order to them this easier? I just don’t want start doing the ““house”” with the roof without any wall implemented.

And thats is all, Thanks so much for your help and patiente.

Personally I would start with split screen. It’s really easy to set up using the ‘Create Player’ node.

If this is your first time at making something like this, personally I would avoid network play. You’ll spend so long on the technical, problem solving side of things when you could be proving out how fun it is in local. It’s easy to burn out your enthusiam trying to do complicated UI and networking.

Retrofitting network play will potentially be tricky but it’s a lot easier to solve than the problem of getting something fun in the first place!