Need some advice on making a backpack

What i am wanting to do is make a backpack style thing that the player can put stuff in the inventory of and then pick it up(with a weight reduction, so like anky inventory metal weighs slightly less).

my idea so far is to make it out of a dino (like the anky) but try and get it so it can be picked up like the otter and sit on the players back (which i think is getting it to use the same socket as the otter). The reason i want to use a dino is i know of no other way of it keeping its inventory when picked up and have used the dino pickup mod and love it, but what i was worried about was AI do i just strip it of the AI blueprint/s and animations or will that crash everything lol.

will very much appreciate any help in this matter and great thank you to anybody that is willing to help. :slight_smile: