Need some advice on creating a game similar to Enter the Gungeon.

Good morning everyone. May I request some advise?
I’m working on a game that similar to Enter the Gungeon( I hire an artist to create the sprites for the game. He not finish not by a long shot. Thing is I’m still a newbie to unreal engine 4. Im not 100% sure exactly what I’m doing. I’m not expecting someone explain everything to me on how to create a game like this. If some can point me to the right direction. If they can show where I can find the tutorials or a ue4 market place asset. I would appreciate it. Thank you for taking your time reading this and answering any of my questions.

I’ve personally never played it, but I would be looking at Paper2D tutorials, there is a good bunch on the official Unreal YouTube channel Introduction to Paper2D | v4.4 | Unreal Engine - YouTube and taking what is learnt there can help you make your top down pixel game.

Thanks for the reply and tutorials. Is there any marketplace that you recommend?