need soem help with implementing drag and drop with the ue 4 inventory tutorial

so far i have been using the following resources to implement drag and drop with the ue 4 tutorial and also expand on it as well. UMG - Drag&Drop capturing mouse events. - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums and
UMG - Mouse screen position problem - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums. but i can only seem to get the mouse button down and detect drag to work and not drop. heres some screen shots of what i got going.

this is the on button down

this is the detect drag

this is the on drop

and what it looks like when you go to drag its not even taking the item with it. that small spec is a collapsed collasped button

any help would be very appreciated

The dragged items use the widget’s natural desired size when choosing how large to make them. So if your dragged item has no content, or the widget is naturally very small, you’ll get that effect. If you’d like to force a specific size, make sure your dragged items contain a Size Box in the widget that specify the width and height override of the widget.

Thanks for the info nick now if i can just get the child buttons to stop corrupting ill be all set…

Define corrupting :confused:

ok so im doing drag and drop set up still still stuck on the drop part having issues with it removing the whole button and making it disappear on drop. last part is a raging headache… so lets say i go and decide to take a break i save all my work and close out of ue4. come back an hour or so to try some new things i thought of open ue4 and my widget to find that the buttons no longer work and i get a ton of errors all my child buttons have a reinst on the side panel where it should say default and my array no longer recognizes them i didnt change the name on anything and while ue4 was open before there was no errors and everything saved and compiled just fine . but seems any time i close out of ue4 for a long period of time this happens and it only started happening when i try to enable drag and drop. now all my drag and drop function are being made in my slot button widget. only way i can get them to recognize the functions. only thing i change is the visibility of the root and add a bind to the image for on mouse button down. which should not affect anything. but as soon as i close ue4 for a long period of time and go back to trying to figure stuff out i get corrupted child buttons. now i got back ups of all my widgets and blue prints so if i reinsert the back ups everything goes back to normal. and my back ups do not have any drag and drop function on them. any idea what the cause of this is?

Yeah - circular blueprint references. It’s being worked on by the blueprints team.

Looks like I was able to get Invayne up and running. I have a system I don’t really use much anymore but it fit his needs.

On a side note, great to hear you’re working on that stuff.