Need Simple Animations (Gathering & Crafting)

Hey Fellow Devs!

I’m a solo dev working on an adventure RPG and I have a big emphasis on gather and crafting skills. I would have thought this would be common and expected to find a wealth of ready-to-import assets but I’m struggling to find some quality smooth animations for things like mining, chopping, blacksmithing etc.

I have already given this asset pack a go >> <<, but to be frank, they’re really not up to scratch. There is foot sliding and jumps between what should be seamless anims. And I can’t find any anim packs for blacksmithing!

So I suppose my options are:

  • Make the animations myself (not very comfortable with doing so, and have enough on my plate)
  • Request a new asset pack (is this even a thing?)
  • Hire a dedicated freelance animator (where should I go?)

Could anyone provide some guidance / thoughts / opinions on what you would do?

Appreciate all opinions, and offers to help! :slight_smile:


If you’re looking for a freelancer, a place to start is here : Got Skills? Looking for Talent? - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks :slight_smile: Will head on over!

Any other places you would recommend?