Need Pathfinding not limited to a plane/floor

Epic’s Navmesh has a ‘Max Slope’ and so forth, essentially only generating nav data on a plane/floor. I need one that can generate a Navmesh that could be used, for example, for running around a planet in super mario galaxy.

It’s for a click-to-move game with the movement described above (around a sphere).

The result that I ultimately need is simply a TArray[FVector] of Waypoints.

PS the tags seem broken I can’t use < and >

You’ll need to implement your own ANavigationData-derived type and supply all the needed bits and pieces. You can use ARecastNavMesh as a reference. I’ve recently added generic, template based A* implementation - you can use that to cut some implementation time (I’m using it for high-level pathfinding in Paragon).