Need motivation (and good learning resources)

First I’ll tell my background, and then I’ll tell my problem. It’s a long post to read, but please bear with me.
How much I already know? : I can’t describe whole story of my life here, that’d take too long, but I first time learned about something called “3d modelling” when I was kid and I liked it. Right now, I know decent enough modelling(I used to use 3ds max, but now I like bender more). I can create decent enough models, do uv unwrapping and create textures for them. So, I think I won’t have too much problem in asset creation. I am currently enrolled for a CSE undergrad degree, so I know programming too. I’m not much into “competitive programming”, but I like “development”. I have done some small projects(around 3k lines of code maybe), and worked with a few of languages(C, C++, Python, Java, Javascript and maybe a few more), so I think that I won’t have any problem with programming aspect of unreal engine. There is a lot more but that’d be irrelevant here.
Why I want to be a game developer? : One reason, I like playing games so much, and I want to be a game dev. Whenever I see game trailers, play new games, even when I see those unreal speed level design vids on youtube or new feature trailers of game engines, I just get so fascinated and want to make stuff like that. I’ve played a lot of games since childhood, and I enjoy it. What’s more joyful than playing them is the thought of being able to make them. Sometimes when I listen to some particular songs or music, some imaginary game scene appears in my mind out of nowhere with that music playing in background.
Did I ever try doing something for it? : I learned Unity 3D few years ago, not at a very high level, but upto enough level that I could make a third person game, where the character could move around, jump and kinda shoot(not a complete weapon system though) from scratch(including character, textures for character, animations, placeholder scene). I’d like to put weight on word ‘scratch’ here so as to describe the problem for which I’m posting this thread. I created another half baked game in unity, for android this time, (this time my little brother(not so little, just two years younger than me) was also with me), in which people would walk on a footpath, camera at side view(they would look as if sidescroller), and there was kind of a placeholder gun(to be replaced later by a guy throwing, maybe tomatoes), to fire at them, then they become ragdolls and fall according to physics. I tested it on my phone, and it was somewhat enjoyable to me.
Why I want to do it in unreal engine? : I think unreal engine to be undisputed champion in graphics. It’s open source, I like that about it. And there are some things that I like anout unreal that unity doesn’t have(correct me if I’m giving a wrong example, but there are other things too), like, if u have a base class for enemy, and then u derive different type of enemies from that parent class. If you want to make some changes in all enemies, u’ll have to make changes in all prefabs in unity, but in unreal, just make that change in parent class, and that’s it. Why don’t just have inheritence feature for game assets as well. And, if I’m right, we can use inheritence for materials too in unreal engine.
The problem : So, here is the problem I faced(and still facing), when I started with unreal engine. First, I couldn’t find good resources to learn. The video tuts on official website, most of them are blueprint based. I’m a programmer, I like programming way more than making blueprints and dragging pins around and trying to keep it clean. Still, I tried to follow blueprint tuts, in hope that I may like blueprints later on. In one tutorial, I had to put a switch statement, I had to put maybe 5 nodes(I’m don’t remember what to call those rectangular boxes), and 3 exec pins and I don’t know what else, and then I struggled to keep it clean, while in programming, I just needed a few key strokes, and some returns, and all done, with all clean code. That’s the beauty and ease of programming that I like. After that, I never wanted to use blueprints and that’s when real problem began. I don’t want to say, but I’m a little bit of “perfectionist”. I don’t like when my code works but I don’t know why. So, I wanted to see how to create third person shooter in unreal starting almost from scratch(like I did in Unity) starting from “basic code” template. I wanted to learn it all in detail, and not just start with third person template. So, to learn from scratch, I read the programming tutorials on official unreal website, learned a lot about unreal and its gameplay framework. But still, I didn’t know enough to be at least able to make a simple third person game from start. I lost motivation after a few tries at learning unreal engine. Even now when I see those fascinating things, I still want to do it. But when I think about starting, I slack off because of lack of knowledge of where to start. I want someone to tell me how to start it all over again. If required, I can try blueprints once again(but I’d still prefer programming), or I can go back to unity(I don’t want to). What I really need right now, is motivation and good learning resources that teach things in detail and don’t skip over the basic part. It won’t be hard to get back motivation, but If I don’t get good resources (or maybe I need to change my way of trying to learn), then it may be hard to maintain that motivation for long enough. Maybe my whole approach at game development, and learning unreal engine is wrong, so help me.

From what I understand, the TL;DR of this is “Where are the C++ tutorials?” ???

I see snippets on the forum often, as well as on the wiki and answerhub.

These came up in a quick search:

The search term was straight forward enough (Please forgive the “Let Me Google That For You” usage) : unreal engine 4 c++ tutorial

Programming using Blueprints is still programming.
You’re just using a visual scripting language instead of an text based one :slight_smile:

It’s just a tool. If you have a goal you find a way to use it and achieve that goal; motivation is on you to find by yourself.

Yeah, been there for a while…recently I resumed my path to become a designer using UE. How to keep motivated? You need to execute and produce results quicky. In my case I took online courses, learn something, apply it to my idea, make adjustments, experiment and have something small but completed.