need little advice for a runtime error

hello guys i need your help to solve my little problem here:

i want to close my widget and set the game mode to game only, but only if other widgets are all closed.But there’s a runtime error with the remove from parent node!

i get this error :Error Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property Inventory2ref from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_BP_Personnage’ from node: Remove from Parent in graph: EventGraph in object: BP_Personnage with description: Accessed None trying to read property Inventory2ref

this bp doesnt looks bad… we need to see you bp with “inventory2ref” node…
btw, in your “AND” node, press “add pin” and connect here your third boolean

the bp with inventory2ref is the same but with an other widget:53e19d80bac6730c10686c64a2e76288a2fc3e4e.jpeg

BTW:Thanks for the ‘‘AND’’ tip! :slight_smile:

I Found it! My bad… my booleans weren’t set to ‘‘closed’’ by default. So the inventoryref coulnd’t be accessed since it didn’t exist yet. Thanks for the help!