Need help with using one key to do one thing at a time.

I have set up a door that opens when the ‘E’ key is pressed. I also have a chest of drawers model that I have created. I want to play the open drawer animation using the ‘E’ key as well, but if were to press it, it opens the door instead. How can I fix this?

Here is a picture of my level blueprint that I use to open the door.

You don’t have anything hooked up to disable input, from your third person character. Also there’s no execute wire going into your casttothirdperson character node. So the input will always be enabled. Your Disable Input needs a reference to something, since it’s in the level blueprint. Also if the game/level just started, wouldn’t input be enabled for everything automatically? I would use a line trace and gameplay tags to decide which objects to open, and only cause the line traces to fire if the E key is pressed. For that I would use a gate node.

What you are looking for is how blueprints communicate between each other. If you want to learn it properly, follow these documents Blueprint Communication Usage, Direct Blueprint Communications and youtube explanations how they work. That way you start understanding the whole system better and can manage by yourself much better.