Need help with textures and driving template.

I don’t mind if you post here or on reddit.

I think you are ready for some documentation about materials (and some tutorials).

Some hint: you may want world coordinate uvs for ground material.
Also read about “instanced materials”, make base material for ground, make instanced material out of it.
Then instead of directly feeding texture coordinate, split it into 2: only U (V=0) and only V (U=0) then multiply both by some scalar values. Then change those scalars into parameters, and finally add both and feed result to texture.
This way you can have instanced material that has U and V as parameters, so you can freely scale it from editor.

Also if that floor is CSG (or BSP bruch) you can scroll Details panel down and there is “Scale” dropdown.

Ok, nvm, you are using default floor meshes, for that best would be parameter for UV or world coordinate.