Need help with setting up Perforce for Source Control


I’ve been trying to set up Perforce to use Source Control with my project, but I feel as if I botched the process up somewhere. Currently, I followed two different tutorials (one on the Documentation and one from another site that used a different method). The reason was because each method left me in the dark at certain steps and I didn’t know what to do, so I tried checking another source. I’m pretty sure this caused some error along the way. I thought I had everything set up, but now when I open the project located in the Workspace folder, I get some error about “failing to import \Path\StarterContent.upack” and “Failed to create Starter Asset '/Game/StarterContent” when I load it up. And when I connect to source control, all of my meshes have a red X on their thumbnail. When I try to “Check in” the files, I get errors basically telling me I don’t have permission to save files to disc, and that Access is Denied. I have no idea if this is referring to the fact that my workspace is located in C:\Program Files~ or what.

Since I know nothing about setting this up, can anyone give a step by step solution for going about this? For the record, I’ve followed** this** guide as well as this. The last link’s guide referred to using Assembla but I’ve used localhost originally. I would have followed that method completely but apparently you have to pay to set up an account (or it’s only a trial anyway) to use that service, despite the tutorial saying it’s free.

I would post pictures of the way I have things set up, but I think it would be much easier to have a complete 0 to 1 guide so I can start all the way over. Thanks.