Need help with session making using steam.

hi! its been a while I did not ask a question on the forum!

SO I followed the documentation:

Modified the .ini file as stated in the documentation, activated the steam network plugin.

I use the advance session plugin, just for the ability to name the session and use that name as filter in the search session.
But it was not working before using the advanced session plugin either so I doubt the problem come from there.

This is the create and join session, wich is in a custom gameinstance, wish was set in the project’s settings.
these event are called from my MainMenu widget.


so, I have no idea what is wrong. Steam is opened, hosting seem to work as it opens the right map and all.
then the joinning seem to find no sessions to join at all.

oh and since im testing in packaged project with a friend, I don’t get error messages or anything, so I don’t even know where the problem is and where to start looking.

Am I missing anything? Anything not obvious that I may not be aware of? where should I start looking?

ue 4.15.1

thanks for reading!

Anyone? I made a ErrorMessage widget to help debugging. And also the hosting and joinning work if I start the game twice on my computer, only not working over the internet. I also read that the steam app id 480 had troubles handling connections from different regions/countries. Is that true? May that be the reason my friend and I cannot get in a session together?

Yeah if your uk and they’re USA the session definitely will not be found :wink:

ahhh thanks for confirming that, is it a limitation of the tester id or does this also applies to any steam game with their own id? and so my blueprint might as well be working perfectly from the begining x)

From what I know it’s just how it’s built by default when getting sessions. I never dug deeper then just to know its region based.