Need Help with Screenspace Widget

My first problem is that the Widgets draw over the render of everything. I’ve been trying to create a widget that shows the remaining health of the enemy characters or AI controlled characters. However what happens is that the widget draws over everything including my playable character. Is there any way to prevent it from drawing over the playable character? The other problem is that the widget will continue to render at any distance away from the playable character. Is there any way to have to widget stop drawing after a certain distance?

Edit: watch the vid where he fixes the widget’s rotation too.

Hey Pabooklas,

I know how to do this using the world space already. I’m looking specifically at screen space and how to do this. Thanks for attempting to help though.

An update:

I’ve figured out how to make the widget disappear after a certain amount of distance. If anyone’s interested, I’ll post the blueprint. I’m still stuck on the problem with the widget rendering over the playable character. If someone could help with that, that’d be awesome.