Need help with Positional Tracking in 3rd Person (Zoom in and out)

While I have the overall map and camera working, I need some assistance in modifying my camera controller to zoom in to the map when I lean in. I’d also like to adjust that ratio depending on the level. (Main menu > Slight lean > Large Zoom amt: Map1 > Slight lean > Slight Zoom>

Any tips suggestions or links would be awesome!

BTW: I use BP

you really don’t want to adjust the amount of movement that occurs when a player moves in. It needs to be 100% correct to the amount the player moves or they will get sick. The only other option is that if you scale the players size in the game, and you scale the players IPD the player will feel like he/she is growing and then they will be able to move farther in a game because they are larger relative to the work. If you don’t do it this way I can assure you that you will get sick. If you don’t believe me you can check all the documentation from Oculus on the subject in the best practices guide as well as their presentations at Oculus Connect which I believe are now online.

I guess what I meant to say is like ‘God Mode’ that Oculus was demoing with the Tower Defense demo in the Marketplace. Also seen in the game “Deeper” done in Unity. Deeper does not make me nauseas at all nor many others Ive had test who are prone to sickness. This was also shown in the “Cloud City” Oculus demoed at connect

I saw the cloud city and for that demo u were just really large relative to the city. If that’s what u mean just make the world small. It did not dynamically change the scale speed. It might have seemed that way because of the scale of the city. Also I may still not be understanding what your saying :slight_smile:

I thought that one did haha :slight_smile: I guess you would have to download “Deeper” from Oculus share to see what I’m talking about. Its fun too!

I didn’t download it but took a look at one of the videos on youtube it still looks like he has a fixed ipd and is not scaling it dynamically and maybe has a larger player. He has confirmed that in the comments saying he scaling the IPD by 25

“he scaling the IPD by 25”

I guess that’s where my question resides…where in UE4 can I set that? (I’m no coder so use BBs)

This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish