Need help with my project please :( | Shadows, water shader, AA

Hi guys,

I’m currently doing a personal project and I’m running into some issues.


How do I improve the shadows draw distance? there are shadows that are disappearing when the camera moves out. I already googled this issue and there’s something about editing some lines in the config:

r.Shadow.FadeResolution - controls how big the light has to be on the screen before it starts to fade out.

  • Default Value: 64
  • Can lower this value to keep shadows from fading out at further distances

r.Shadow.MinResolution - controls how big the light has to be on the screen before it finishes fading out, at which point it no longer has cost.

  • Default Value: 32
  • Lower values seem to increase shadow visibility.

r.Shadow.TexelsPerPixel - Causes a higher resolution to be assigned and then it should fade out less aggressively

  • Default Value: 1.27324
  • Can increase this value to improve shadow rendering visibility & quality


  • Default Value: 0.03
  • A lower value of 0.02 or 0.01 greatly increases shadow visibility at far camera distances (seems to have the most impact of all the console commands)."

But I can’t seem to find that .ini file :frowning:

For the water shader what’s the best way to do this?

and finally, how do I increase the AA quality?

Thanks guys!