Need help with my game mode

So i’m curently working on a top down game for school and … my Game mode is blank… I lost everything in it. And not only in this project but on all of my other projects. When I open any game mode, there is nothing in them. Even when I open a new project, with the “pack unreal” in it. It’s like I lost every game I ever made on unreal.

Just to show all of you I try on a new project, and this is what I have on the very first sec on it… And it’s a project with the unreal package, so I should have things at least on the event graph but no.

I have a jury in 2 weeks, for my top down game, and I just lost everything, please help me, I tried so many things but nothing works…

( I try reinstal unreal, nothing works)


I tried to do it a lot of time already but yes the event graph is here but with nothing in it… I lost everything. And even if I do things in it, the next time i re open my project it would be all lost again…

Just to try (again) I create a new project, third person, with the unreal pack in it. So i’m supposed to have blueprints in my game mode and other “basic” stuff. But yet nothing in my game mode, so I go in windows and class default and recall my blueprint, and the event is empty.