Need help with main menu

Hi, I’m fairly new to Unreal engine. I watched this tutorial on how to make a main menu, I did everything like the guy in the video did but it doesn’t work :confused: I have attached two .PNG files showing of what I did (Forgot to mention, the menu works fine but when I click Start, nothing happens) So what I did is that when you click the start button it will load my level ( The name is correct) and then it will remove the menu itself so I can see the actual game, simple as can be, but it doesnt work. can anyone help?

Maybe the Modular Menu System will help, it will be released to the UE4 Marketplace within the next days:

Wow, great place to advertise your product, haimat. Classy.

Hmm, that’s strange, Wibley. I just tried the same three nodes in my project and it worked fine. Did you try putting a “print string” node in there first to make sure the OnClicked event was working correctly?