Need help with horse riding system

I’ve been working on a horse riding system and I’ve searched everywhere for documentation on how to handle the pawn possession. Currently I just attach my character to my horse and possess the horse but I am facing a few issues with this. The character Anim BP stops working after unpossessing, this stops me from having rider animations playing and my character just sits stiffly on top of the horse in its last animation frame. I wanted to have a system where i can use my character and the mount at the same time like this UE4 - Ride Horse in Combat - Indie Game Project (Ride Test) - YouTube
I considered the approach where a mesh is already present on top of the horse and is simply toggled on after the mounting animation but this method seems to have its own problems, like replicating armor and other things from my character to the mesh on top of the horse. Any idea how i should structure my system?