Need help with game!!

Hi all, I was wondering if someone would be kind of enough to explain what I need to do in blue print for a 3d 2d game like smash bros to make the character go though the platform like on smash bros? I like it to be where if the character presses down twice the they can go through but if the jump from the bottom they can go through as well. if someone is willing to give a detailed tutorial step by step (but can skip some stuff as long as the picture is visible to see what nodes I need to put in and what goes inside if any, then ok) picture. Thanks if anyone is willing to help as I’m going to put this on kick starter and hope that it gets funded so I can hire some help.

google for unreal tutorials on youtube, watch and follow them.

PS. You need much more than this to get kickstarter going, so start learning and making your game. Kickstarter is one time thing you either fail or win, do not go for it until you have something great to show.

I am making more than just that. I already have a level built and it has stuff going but only normal stuff and no command inputs for the characters besides running. I’m in the process of doing the main menu as we speak and the start menu. But back to the main point is that no one has a tutorial for it yet on UE4 and I’ve searched all over for a tutorial. Again help would be much appreciated as I’m trying to get a team wouldn’t mind helping me and we are funded by kick starter. its my goal and dream to deliver content that will make people talk about a good game and develop games that people would like.