Need help with fast paced platformer side scroller character

Hi there guys, thanks for all your help, I have a little bit of an issue here.

I’m trying to create a multiplayer side-scroller fast paced like the old megaman games (full air, quick dashes, etc). Originally i extended the Character class and worked via components to give the characters their weapons and abilities, but i’m at a crossroads.

First: i’m not entirely sure how i can configure the character movement component so it replicates that movement, right now the characters kinda LERP to their final speed (thinking mario 3d) but i’m thinking that’s too slugish for a fast paced game.

Second: The characters that i’m animating are simple geometric figures (animated to have life like movement), the problem is that the Capsule Component that the character uses can’t be sacled “squared” enough so this characters fit right into it, all the characters have a 1:1 ratio on height vs width (maybe i will change it later). When i make the capsule component become a 1:1 sphere (so it can fit the models nicely), it has problems with the ledges of the platforms (it slides really sloppy). I’m thinking that maybe a square box colliders would be the solution but that means creating my own “character” with my own movement component.

Is that the solution or can i tinker the character enough so it fits my needs?

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