Need help with direction vectors and impulse

Ok so I’ve been at it for a couple of hours now and my brain just can’t seem to understand how I need to build my nodes.

I have two actors each attached to a socket of a third actor. When they detach I want them to fly off (or get shoved off) away from their parent, I’ve been trying to achieve this by adding impulse. I have a limited experience in navigating the vectors landscape, but it seemed like something simple to implement. Alas, I have come here to seek the guidance of brighter minds.

This is what I am trying to achieve.

Ideally my dudes will have a travel time of about 1-2s, but at this point I’d be happy if they juststick to the correct directional vector. I don’t want them to teleport though.
I’m too ashamed to show you my blueprints, but if you think that would help I’ll swallow my pride.

The parent is also moving trough an add force node, so I tried using his velocity vector as well. I got this to work best in terms of direction, but because his velocity is not constant, the impulse I add to the detaching actors varies (which I don’t want).

Still haven’t fixed this.
Input appreciated.

First. Each piece has to be its own actor really.
then you can use the forward vector or right vector to add to an impulse of some sort.
the objects need to have simulate physics on for that which will cause them to fall.

If you want them to just move you would be better off using a timeline and changing their world location…