Need help with character rigging/animation

Ive been at this for nearly 3 days now trying to find tutorials to help me with rigging and creating a playable character. Ive got Fuse and ive put my charcter into the the game ive also retargeted the default skeleton to my custom model and it did not work one bit, it just remained in T-Pose.
Im running version 4.13 of UE4, ive checked the market place for cool characters but they are not what iam looking for and they are way too pricey for what you get.
Any tips? iam extremely knew to UE4 but i love playing around in it, i really want to make a teaser trailer but cannot because i dont have my player model working :frowning:

Characters are only expensive in an absolute view, but relative to the work one has to put in them it’s a good price. Anyway, have you set up a AnimBP and Blendspace? You also have to select it in your CharacterBP.