Need Help With Behavior Trees

Ok So as part of a project i have been trying to get a character that i made to roam around to randomly allocated points sort of like a patrol but so that the player will have more of a challenge getting around him. So far i have checked to make sure he can indeed move by having him move to a single target point. After checking that i did some research on behavior trees and even found some examples that showed off exactly what i wanted to achieve, unfortunately after looking up all of this and trying for several hours for some reason he refuses to move and is stuck in his idle animation. So after trying to solve the problem myself i decided i need some help, Any ideas on what im doing wrong or i’m forgetting? i can provide screenshots if need be.

Hi Bomtaker,

What tutorials are you currently using? I can see if there is anything wrong with them and get to the bottom of this. Also, you will want to post screenshots of your various blueprints and behavior tree.

I would suggest also throwing some “Print String” nodes with different keywords into each of your blueprints, that way you can see how far the execution goes before failing.

Any other info that you can provide may help.


Thanks for responding so quickly. I have looked at two separate sources one of them was a thread here

and the other was this page

as for the print string stuff ill give that a try today

Hey a quick Update. I just solved my issue by putting the find waypoint part of the behavior tree under a selector linked to the move sequence. Weird as all the stuff i have looked at says differently

That’s good to hear!