Need help with attaching objects to the skybox.

This is probably an easy one for most of you, but I just started learning Unreal and I was wondering… Is it possible to attach objects to the skybox, so that when you move around the level, object doesn’t change in size? For example, I am making a game where you just wonder around the space station, and when you look through the window, you can see Earth and Sun. Right now I made Earth massive so when you get to the end of station, and look through window again, it doesn’t feel like you got closer to it by just walking through station, but that makes the performance of the game suffer. I want to make Earth and Sun smaller, like a lot smaller, and put them inside of the skybox, so they never move or change size and always stay far away from you.

In Unreal, the skybox isn’t infinitely distant, it’s just a big mesh that you could technically walk to. You could do something like get the player location and offset the skybox and other objects based on player location.