Need help with anim blueprint states for advanced special anims on specific movement conditions.

So i have followed many tutorials, and have gotten some systems working great. some with root motion (only via montage at the moment, as any root motion in a blend space doesn’t work right for me, even when i tell it to use all)

Some things I am trying to include are clips like:
Hard skid stop when sprinting before it goes to idle.
But I have a similar take that instead of stopping they are kicking into a sprint after the 180 feet slide thing. So knowing how to properly use this when changing direction vs stopping.

Also, I have a few dive roll type anims that are based on if the player is falling at an angle or not.


I know this list is getting quite long, and it only was meant to ask for help on the 2 clips that have the player either stopping or running from a 180 hard direction switch, but i thought i would put all my bucket list in 1 post since they are all related to the same topic.

And for the life of me, cant figure out how to setup a blend space or state machine that works properly with the left right strafe movements along with the standing in place 90 deg left and right turns.

Hmm, other things I cant figure out, since its not an IK skeleton, I got it from mixamo, but did edit the anim files in max, to give it a root bone and take the x y position, and z rotation off the hips and replace on the created root.

Its also re targeted to the ue4 third person mannequin.

but the other things in the example content i cant make sense of, since it seems to use IK systems is the hit reaction.
I have many anims, for hit from the left or hit from the right, ect… Along with a death clip where its based on the type of impact along with where the impact came from.

so knowing how to determine which ones to run would be nice

if your willing to help, we can chat on discord or google
my email is