Need help with a dumb issue.

Okay i have this issue happening and i have no idea how to correct it besides making a whole new widget file… if that will even work.

I add a widget to the screen.

Hit a cancel button that does: (remove widget from parent, also added in remove all widgets from class for fun while it was broken)

reopen the widget… i get an error…:

widget was already added to the screen…

its the only widget i have that does it.

is this just a case of a bugged out widget file?

Remove from parent should have a reference to the widget you are trying to remove.

Where is this located?

You have to remove the widget from where you open it or get the reference where you open it then remove because even though its closing widget where ever you open it still thinks its open because it creates a different widget reference. Hope that makes sense and helps.

I am removing the widget from the widget itself.

the issue don’t seem to be the widget file. its my switcher.

i need to debug why my event switcher is choosing “online” automatically when going from quick play -> main menu.

i think looking at this image i have my **** answer… haha. target radio select… lol. wanted to focus on the value not select it.

EDIT: sure enough that’s my problem. just had to remove the target select.