Need help with 3d widgets

I want to make an ingame menu (like a keypad for a door) with umg. I already found a tutorial at the wiki here but it does not work really well.
I worked everything out and it works, except the part on how to interact with the menu. This part is a bit unclear in the tutorial. If someone has another tutorial on this topic I would be very grateful.

I couldn’t get it to work either. I could get it to accept input by setting the UI Space setting to Screen instead of World though. Anybody know how to get the UMG widget to accept input with the Space setting set to World? I made sure the Max Interaction distance was set large enough.

To interact with a widget set in a blueprint, drag the reference of the widget in event graph of your blueprint and drag a “get user widget object” do a “cast to” your widget type and from return value get / set what you want in widget (don’t forget to check “variable” to be able to access it)

Be sure to have show mouse cursor / mouse over event / mouse click event checked too

Sorry I think I explained my question wrong. I dont want to interact with the widget in the event graph. I want to interact with it in the game world. Just like it is showed in the tutorial in the link. I want to be able to press the button where Im aiming.

after used Set Input Mode Game and UI my mouse only work(i cant rotate camera) when i pressed left or right buttons