Need Help understanding how to switch between characters using widget buttons

After putting my pre-alpha into the hands of some testers, they found that the RTS style that I was currently using was difficult and in the way with some of the other features. So the take away from it all was to go to a new system where you use the widget buttons to select the characters. After trying different ways of casting, switch between pawns and characters, and messing with the level blueprints, I am unable to make this happen.

Is there anyone that can give me a pointer to the best practice of this? Anything in the marketplace that already does this?

I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give me. Thank you!


One way i can think of, is to use the “possess” Option inside the character controller Node…it will allow you to take over said character i dont have any UE4 tutorials on you channel yet but a quick youtube search garnered these results:

and also this one:

Both i assume go into detail about what i mentioned above. Hope this Helps!

Thank you! I will give these tutorials a go and post my results on here.

no Problem glad i could be of some assistance!